Edding 55 Fineliner with Orange Ink Review

From the moment I started to write with this Edding 55 fineliner I wanted to while away the time doodling.  I can understand why Edding suggest these superior quality pens are ideal for preparing drawings, illustrations & sketches.  With a great choice of 16 colours with a mix of vibrant & more traditional shades your work could stand out in any crowd.

Edding 55 FinePen Orange


The black & white striped barrel is met at either end with a colour coded section, in this case orange.  The metal tip is so long & thin that it reminded me of a dart, measuring about 7” with the cap posted it is a relatively long pen. The cap fits tightly as it clicks into place, leaving no fear of it drying out anytime soon.

Writing Experience

I would not usually choose such a fine pen for writing & am finding it difficult not to drift & dream about creating a work of art.  With such a range of colours the Edding 55 range is sure to appeal to those with artistic flair.  Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned previously there’s not an artistic bone in my body, so back to the writing.  A fine smooth line is produced, the water based ink dries instantly & doesn’t smudge at all.

I can imagine using a range of different colours when analysing a report or for making notes when studying.  I guess the fine tip would also be an advantage writing in a journal or diary, especially if you’ve had a busy day & have a lot to cram onto a small page.

Should you want to keep a selection of Edding 55 pens neat & tidy, whether you use them in the office, school or at home, a full set of 16 pens can be purchased in a metal tin, they are also available in 10 different colours which are, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Violet, Pink & Light Blue.

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