Fabulous New Colours For UNI POSCA Markers

The Uni Mitsubishi pencil company UK have launched an exciting array of vibrant new colours for their Uni POSCA Marker range. Uni POSCA markers are a water based marker with pigment ink that is fade resistant and waterproof. They will write on virtually any surface.

Please note the colour charts below are only a representation of the marker colours and the actual marker colour may be slightly different.


PC 1MR Colour Chart



Originally this marker was available in eight colours but Uni have added another eight fabulous colours. The Uni POSCA PC-1MR is an ultra fine marker with a 0.7mm tip.


PC 1M Colour Chart

Uni have not added any more colours to the Uni POSCA PC-1M range but since we have an updated colour chart we thought we should include it for an easy comparison of the colours available. The UNI POSCA PC-1M marker is an extra fine marker with a 1.0mm bullet tip.


PC 3M Colour Chart

There were seventeen colours previously In the UNI POSCA PC-3M range of markers but Uni have added ten more magnificent colours. The Uni POSCA PC-3M is a fine marker with a 1.5mm bullet tip.


PC 5M Colour Chart

Four more colours have been added to the UNI POSCA PC-5M range of markers making a total of twenty seven. The UNI POSCA PC-5M is a medium marker with a 2.5mm bullet tip.


PC 8K Colour Chart


Last but not least the UNI POSCA PC-8K marker now boasts a whopping thirty five different colours. The UNI POSCA PC-8K is a broad marker with an 8.0mm chisel tip nib.

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