Uniball Pens Good, New Uniball Pen Commercials Not

Regular readers know that we love Uniball pens. They’re graceful, write like a dream and have that armoured Super Ink.

That’s why these new TV commercials from Uniball make us sad.

The reason: They…well…suck.


Why the Agency Spy column at MediaBistro is gushing over the Uniball commercials is beyond us.

They’re notable only because they’re directed by Fred Savage, who played little Kevin Arnold in “The Wonder Years” back in the 90s. He’s also gained some respect as a director lately for his work on the fabulous “Modern Family.”

But we have to assume that he didn’t take part in the actual conceptualizing and writing of these commercials.

The basic premise of the three new Uniball ads is that other pens are problematic, while Unis are dependable high-performers. OK, not exactly creative, but we can get behind the idea.

(Apparently the ads are part of Uniball’s Instant Upgrades contest.)

The problem is in the execution. As you can see, there is nothing remotely funny or entertaining about annoying guys dressed up as malfunctioning ink pens.

The one called “Spectacle” features an office worker in a sparkly pen suit who spends more time on making things look kitschy than he does on actual work. We all know people like that, so it’s mildly amusing , but only when compared to the other two.

Unfortunately, the commercials are memorable only because they’re so bad.

Uniball, you deserve so much better.

Remember the brilliant Pilot pens commercials from a few years ago? Now that’s how you advertise a pen range. Maybe Uni can steal some ideas from them.

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  1. I found this site because i was looking for these to re-watch. didn’t know anything about Savage. i found these to be hilarious. just my take on them.


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