Pens Your Friends WON’T Steal

Last week, we linked to some brilliant posts about the two types of pen people: those who carry pens and those who steal them.

Now, we’ve found the perfect solution for those troublesome pen thieves. Check out Borrow My Pen? from Fred & Friends. It’s a pack of ballpoint pens with the kind of slogans printed on them that no one wants to be caught carrying.

Borrow My Pen

Some of our favourites among the choices:

Dr. Lance Hughes, Proctology
Turn your head and cough, 301 South Main (please use rear entrance)

Stuffed with Love Taxidermy
No pet too small – give us a call! (ask about our goldfish and turtle discount)

Pick up a pack or two and start carrying these pens. Next time someone asks to borrow one, hand over a Fred pen…there’s a good chance you’ll get it back.

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