Pentel Lancelot Ballpoint Pen – Series 3 Review

With the class & quality that you would expect from a pen made by a Japanese company, the Pentel Lancelot is a retractable, refillable sleek looking ballpoint.  Part of the luxury collection, this pen comes in black, blue, pink & silver barrels.  Made from lacquered brass they have chrome plated fittings, including an eye catching band around the barrel, & all have a lifetime warranty against defects & workmanship issues.

Pentel Lancelot S3 BP SV

The minute I picked up Lancelot, I knew I would enjoy writing with it (the child in me almost wants to say him).  The 0.8mm nib was smooth & the black ink moved across the page with ease as I penned a long overdue letter to an old friend.

It’s not always the case that I find a pen comfortable to hold, fortunately I don’t have any joint problems or arthritis to contend with, but I am inclined to have large hand writing & many a time find myself chasing the text across the page desperate for my hand to keep up with my thoughts, some pens seem to respond to my quirks better than others.

Recently I’ve become used to acrylic & plastic pens, mainly due to the size & pace of my writing.  I have found they take a lighter hand, making them less tiring to use than metal.  However, I was pleased to find the Lancelot managed to pen three A4 sheets without giving me cramp.

Pentel have been creating innovative writing instruments since 1946.  The company achieved the Deming award in the late 70’s in recognition of high quality standards & continue to pride themselves on their expertise.

This is just the sort of pen I would appreciate as a present, if you are looking for a solid well made pen I think the Lancelot ballpoint is well worth a look, it even comes in a gift box!

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  1. That’s a neat pen, I like the chrome in the middle it looks stylish. Yeah cramping is something that I hate and that’s why I switched from ballpoint to fountain pen.


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