Pilot V-Pen V4 Disposable Fountain Pen Review

Not being one to give up easily & having difficulty getting to grips with the art of writing with a fountain pen, I decided to give the Pilot V-Pen a go.

My first impression was that it was comfortable to hold, as I started to write I didn’t get the feeling it was any different to anything else in my collection.  This is a first, I usually get negative vibes before the ink has dried on my first couple of words.

Pilot V Pen SVB Black

The medium nib suited me well, I sampled the Vpen, (sometimes known as the varsity) in black, it is also available with red, two shades of blue, pink, light green & violet.  The liquid ink flowed with ease, the steel nib felt firm & strong.  At first I thought it was scratchy, something I’ve always associated with fountain pens, but as continued I realised it was more down to the noise than anything else.  I had read that if you write too slowly the Vpen leaks, so slowed down to a snails pace just to check, a difficult task for me, but didn’t find this an issue.  I imagine the only time it would leak would be when under pressure in the air.  Sample finished I looked down, no sign of any smudge or mess, my writing remained recognisable, unlike some of the other fountain pens I have used.

Although strictly speaking it is a fountain pen it does make our list of 8 fountain pen alternatives as it is not refillable. So if you fancy trying something different head over and have a look. It is also recommended as one of our top 5 pens that everyone should have.

Pilot are renowned for developing a wide range of ink, the way that liquid ink is made gives it superior fluidity & density.  It is claimed it will deliver the same quality until the very last drop in the barrel, something I can’t confirm but given the performance so far I’ve no reason to doubt it.

I have to say I was impressed, although shouldn’t be surprised, coming from a Japanese manufacturer in the business of making pens since 1918.  At a similar price to the Preppy in my opinion there is no comparison. Although both are billed as disposable, I guess the fact that the Preppy cartridge can be changed may appeal to some, but as far as writing goes, I know which one I would choose. The Pilot Vpen is featured in our article The 10 Best Fountain Pens Under £20.00

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  1. I agree—-the Varsity (V-Pen) is a better writer…and the black ink in it is very nice (it is very dark and looks great on paper).

    Too bad it’s not refillable (although I’ve seen a YouTube video or two on how to refill them)…..A great pen to introduce to someone who is sitting on the fence with regard using fountain pens as daily users….


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