Pilot DRL Lettering Pen – Review

My thoughts of calligraphy pens conjure up an old fashioned style of ink pen packed into a box with a selection of nibs. Which just goes to show how little I know about this creative activity.

DR Lettering Pen 10mm New

Calligraphy is an art in itself, as I don’t possess any such skills or have an artistic bone in my body, I’ve called on a friend to help review the Pilot DRL Lettering Pen.

Whilst technology produces any number of styles of printed material, the art of hand writing lives on, be it calligraphy, lettering or plain old writing, which is unfortunately as mentioned more my style. I have always admired a neatly written line give me a handwritten invitation any day of the week, it always seems more personal somehow.

We are reviewing a broad 3.0mm nib in black. Also on offer from Pilot are fine (1.0mm) & medium (2.0mm) nibs in red & blue ink.

The Pilot Lettering Pen is a fineliner with quick drying pigment ink which is resistant to water & light. My helper, found the square cut nib produced a perfectly honed line that was easy to use & liked the dark black finish. Having not practiced caligraphy for some time he needed some convincing to provide a example for me, but has done the pen much more justice than I could have.

Although traditionally calligraphy was carried out with brush pens or fountain pens the felt tipped variety have proved popular, easy to use & many feel they are a cleaner option, not having to mess about with ink, although the purest or experts would no doubt disagree.

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  1. interesting – I’ve seen a couple of things recently about using this type of pen (a disposable calligraphy marker) for sketching;


    There’s an amazing video somewhere online of (I think) Leigh Reyes sketching with a 6.0mm parallel pen 🙂

    For everyday writing, a smallish calligraphy tip (say, 1.0mm) adds a nice flourish to handwriting, even with no conscious attempt at calligraphy!


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