How to Transfer Images with a Chartpak Blender Pen

It would appear that the Chartpak AD Marker has more than one use. Marketed for blending or dispersing colors left by other Ad markers, having been designed with an artist creating illustrations in mind, did you know that these markers also make ideal tools for transferring images. 

If you haven’t yet come across this concept it is really simple to transfer an image with a blender pen just follow the steps below and you will be up and running in no time.

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How to Transfer Images with a Blender Pen

Step 1

It goes without saying you will need an image, these need to be toner or laser jet based (apparently inkjet prints just don’t work) & also get yourself a pair of scissors.

Step 2

Cut out your image, remembering your transfer will be reversed, therefore ensure any text creates a mirror image before you begin. On a cautionary note, many seem to have found more success with black & white, as color having reportedly produced mixed results.

Step 3

Position your image face down on your chosen location, be it art paper, a greeting card, lino, wood, etc. hold in place & completely color over the top of it using the blender pen. As you do so it will become transparent, revealing the new image.

Step 4

Once this has been done use something like a spoon or paper folder to rub over image firmly taking care not to move it, or it may become blurred. For a lighter look try applying less pressure.

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Image Transfer Video Tutorial

In the following video, you can see the Chartpak blender pen being used to transfer an image onto a block of wood. As you can see it is very easy to do and can produce amazing results.

So whatever you decide to use the Chartpak blender marker for, whether you are an architect, engineer, artist or student, using for business or pleasure we hope you get perfect results time after time.

When used as a traditional blender the nib on these colorless pens can produce three different clear cut line widths at the twist of the wrist. The clear solvent in this particular Chartpak is xylene, otherwise known for its cleaning & paint thinning properties.

Chartpak Ad blender markers will blend colors with ease when wet making the passage of change between colors fast & simple. As mentioned earlier you can also transfer images on various things like wood & paper, which is supposed to be a breeze to do.

Another idea that I’ve read has produced good results is transferring laser copies on to fabric. It might be worth a try if you fancy personalizing a few T-shirts, emblazoning them with a favorite pop star. Or maybe you are a budding fashion designer & want a unique piece of fabric for your latest creation.

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