Pilot G-Tec-C Hyper Fine Gel Ink Rollerball – 0.25mm

Following my initial research on a Pilot G Tec C 0.25mm that the Pen Warrior had given me to review, I soon realised that I was likely to have a challenge on my hands. Reading that this hyper fine rollerball was more suited to the light touch of an artist than a heavy handed scribbler like myself left me wondering how I’d fare in this task.

Pilot G Tec C 025 Black

Removing the cap & looking at the 0.25mm tip, for some reason I was instantly reminded of a sewing machine needle, my mind drifted leading to thoughts that a touch of needlework maybe an easier pastime on this occasion.  However, never one to give up easily here goes with the review


This is a stick style pen filled with a gel rollerball containing bio polymer ink, said to remove feathering & provide razor fine 0.13mm lines. These gel ink pens are available in black, blue, green & red, the barrel & cap are translucent with colour coded end caps. The lid has a reminder of the 0.25 nib size stamped in white text & the pocket clip sports a white strip with black text showing the logo. The Pilot logo is also subtly embossed midway on the barrel, but so far there’s nothing out of the ordinary to report.


I must say that as expected I found it a struggle to write with such a fine pen.  Whilst the textured grip ensured that my finger didn’t slip onto the shiny chrome nib housing, the needlepoint nib just seemed to scratch its way along the line of text. I also found that it skipped in places.  Whilst I’ve  seen positive remarks from some choosing to write with the G-Tec C & the examples of illustrations that people have made are certainly impressive, so I can see why these talented souls are fans. An aptitude for sketching is not something I’m ever likely to achieve so my thinking is this particular Pilot is best left to the artists amongst you.

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