Review: Pilot G-Tec-C 0.25mm

For the longest time, the Pilot G-Tec-C Hyper Fine 0.25mm gel pen was nearly impossible to find in the UK, so when the Pen Warrior was pretty happy when he was finally able to get them in this spring.

Pilot G Tec C 025 Red

He, of course, sent some over for me to test out.

After trying the red 0.25 mm, my assessment of these stick pens was (spoiler alert!) ‘meh.’

First, the good. For a pen with a tip small enough that angels could dance on it, the 0.25 mm was surprisingly smooth. I felt little friction with the paper as I wrote and needed only the lightest touch to move the pen across the page.

The ink lines were solid and consistent, and more importantly, the combination of the needle-point and the smooth flow allowed for a high degree of precision. I had more sense of control with this pen than with just about any other that I have tried.

And now the not-so-good. I’ve mentioned before that I tend to exert a lot of downward pressure on my pen while writing. Fast and forceful does not work with this pen…I just ended up ripping the paper in a couple of spots as I practiced my signature.

Also, the barrel is very thin and offers little in the way of a grip. It’s not built for comfort at all.

And finally, it could have been just the much narrower lines, but the red ink seemed a little washed out compared to other red gels that I’ve used.

All in all, not the pen I would choose if I needed a fine point, especially when Pilot’s G2 0.38 seems a much more comfortable pen to use. However, the G-Tec-C is wildly popular with fans of fine-point pens, so if you prefer a narrow tip on your pen, you likely will enjoy using this one as well.


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  1. The 0.4mm version of this pen gives me a thinner line than the 0.1mm Rotring Tikky (strange but true), so this one must be off the scale skinny!


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