Review: Zebra F-301 Ultra Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

For me, the appeal of the Zebra F-301 Ultra ballpoint pen is all in the design.

The sleek stainless steel barrel, the encased no-nonsense clip, the grooved rubber grip. Some pens just look like they take writing very seriously, and the F-301 ballpoint is one of them. You pull one out of your pocket, and you’re telling the world, ‘I have important stuff to write down.’

Zebra F301 Ultra Black

You can’t help but love a pen like that.

It also helps that these relatively inexpensive pens (less than £3) are so solidly made that they are recommended by the tactical pen crowd for self-defense. Yep, a pen that costs about the same as a regular plastic pen is tough enough to be used to protect yourself from muggers and rampaging beasts.

Of course, the writing aspect of the pen is slightly less spectacular. It’s a ballpoint, which means the ink is dull-ish and given to the usual skips and whatnot. The barrel also is a bit short and narrow for a completely comfortable grip, an absolute must for long writing sessions.

However, for a ballpoint, the F-301 is a fairly smooth writer that moves across the page with little resistance. Even better, Zebra offers the same pen in a much smoother version called the G-301 (but that’s a review for another day).

Overall, it might not be the pen you use to help fuel your creativity, but it is a must-have for all serious penthusiasts who want a smart-looking utility pen for daily use.

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