Recycled Pilot V Board Master Whiteboard Marker Review

Pilot V Board Master Wyteboard Markers

Whiteboard markers come in handy in a whole range of situations, from lecture rooms to the workplace. As time goes by most things change what with new technologies, manufacturing processes & the like. Today I am going to review the recycled Pilot V Board Master whiteboard marker it is said to be best in the class, with its dry-wipe liquid ink & environmentally friendly qualities.

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Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro Ballpoint Review

Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro BP

Are you one of those who like the convenience of a multi-colored pen? If using different colored ink holds some significance in your workplace, you may want to check out a Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro Ballpoint Pen. They say you learn something every day. I’ve read that accountants have a strict color code in some offices depending on hierarchy, woe betides any newbie uses the same color ink as his boss!

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Papermate Tikky Ballpoint Pen Review

Papermate Tikky Ballpoint

There are some that may say see one ballpoint you’ve seen them all. On the other hand you could argue that some are definitely more appealing to the eye than others. The Paper Mate Tikky does in my opinion fit into the latter category.

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