Sheaffer Friends of Winter series for plant lovers

Sheaffer unveiled three new pen designs last month at the Paperworld stationery show in Germany.

The theme – Friends of Winter – might seem a little odd for anyone not into botany. Each pen in the series features a specific type of plant life, either bamboo, pine or plum, on its barrel. Apparently, the idea is that these are hardy growths that manage to survive and thrive in winter.Sheaffer Friends of Winter series for plant lovers

Brand manager Gretchen Dickinson said in a statement:

“We are excited about the launch of the Friends of Winter collection. The Bamboo, Pine and Plum designs have symbolic meaning of fortitude while inspiring people to persevere and flourish under adversity. When presented together, they also signify a lasting friendship likened to friends who are faithful to each other in difficult times.”

Um, OK.

Still, the pens are nice-looking. They are Sheaffer 100s with black gloss and nickel finishes, available in rollerball or ballpoint. The designs are silk-screened on the barrels and caps.

Although Sheaffer is known for its fountain pens, the rollerball and ballpoints have received decent reviews for their writing and reliability. The pens are refillable, of course, and come with Sheaffer’s 1-year limited warranty.

(The pens might not sell all that well. Visitors to the Sheaffer Facebook page say they’d rather have the designs available in a fountain pen.)

According to Sheaffer, the Friends of Winter collection is expected in “select markets” next month. The price doesn’t seem to be available, but Sheaffer 100s typically cost between US$15 and US$30.

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