Skilcraft Pens: Writing Instruments of the US Govt

Anyone who’s ever been into a federal office, like the Post Office, has probably seen this ubiquitous American pen: The black Skilcraft retractable ballpoint stamped “U.S. Government.” It’s one of the most commonly used pens among federal employees and the military.

Did you know that it’s assembled entirely by a crew of blind workers?

skilcraft Pens

Curious about the Skilcraft brand of pens, we started doing a little searching. Turns out that Skilcraft is the umbrella brand for non-profit agencies that employ blind and disabled workers to produce all sorts of products for the U.S. government.

Skilcraft pens are made by seven different agencies for the blind in locations around the country. The black ballpoint is produced by Industries of the Blind in Greensboro, North Carolina and Industries for the Blind in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Richard Oliver, manager of operations in Greensboro, was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk with us about his agency’s pens.

Industries of the Blind has been making the black retractable ballpoint for more than 40 years. The order from the government originally came with 16 pages of military specifications that the pen must meet, including a requirement to write one linear mile and be able to write in extreme hot or cold temps, according to Oliver.

He offered these bits of trivia about the pen:

  • It’s popular with Navy pilots because it measures 150 nautical miles from end to end on flight maps.
  • The metal tip is exactly the regulation length female service members are allowed to grow their nails.
  • The pen is made to fit into any military uniform pocket without being seen.
  • Some military branches train troops to use the bottom portion of the barrel as an emergency tracheotomy tube.
  • Military members have said that the bottom of the barrel also is the exact length of a two-minute fuse.

Industries of the Blind turns out 2.8 million of the pens each year – they cost US$ 72 for 12 dozen – using a team of about 30 workers to assemble them from pre-ordered components. Every person who actually works on the pens is either seriously sight-impaired or is completely blind, said Oliver.

There are so many of the black ballpoints floating around that they’re likely to turn up just about anywhere. (Like the writer of that post, your Pen Vibe blogger, who’s a Yank, remembers seeing these pens as a child when his Navy machinist father would bring them home.)

But they aren’t the only writing instruments the Greensboro facility produces.

The agency has an entire range of retractable Skilcraft pens, including rubberized ballpoints and the most popular, the black gel ink Vista in .07 mm, which somewhat resembles the Pilot G2. They also make an Antibacterial pen theEconoGard. In fact, the plastic components in Industries of the Blind pens are actually made in Japan by Kotobuki, a company that also makes parts for many of the large pen companies, according to Oliver.

Skilcraft Gel Ink Vista

All total, the agency brings in about US$ 7 million making pens for the U.S. government. And what does the non-profit do with that money? Oliver said part of it goes to operating costs, and everything that’s left at the end of the year goes into retirement accounts for the workers.

So there you are, the story behind American government ink pens.

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  1. Some of these pens are sold in boxes of 12 on amazon, for about $10.00 – 12.00/box while others are sold as singles for around $10.00 and still others in sets of two and three for odd amounts. I have two of these pens from many years back. One has three stripes (not 4), is very sturdy and well made – the shell feels like metal. The other has a solid band where the stripes should be and is poorly made and flimsy. Both pens say US Govt and skilcraft and both still work.
    Not surprised to know that they are made by many companies. Which of the pens today are the very well made ones? I read amazon reviews and some refer to the pens sold in bulk (boxes of 12 I think) as terrific pens and others are referring to the pens sold individually for around $10.00. Is this the case and are the really good us govt pens the more expensive ones?

  2. My dad was working in a old hospital in london oxford and came home with 5 boxes full all taped up some work some didnt, very unique but very fragile

  3. I found one when I was cleaning out a desk I used 40 years ago in DC. It still works, even the ink hadn’t dried or clogged.

  4. I,m Syed Abid Ali shah from Peshawar Pakistan.Working in a security form belongs with the US Consulate Peshawar.
    This is my favorite ball point in the a crispy and smooth writing.
    I need for a dozzen.If someone provide me,so contact me 923459053725

  5. I love these pens! My grandfather (a WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient) always had a bunch of them around and used them, as did I, and I remember him having boxes of the refills in his shop refrigerator. I always have at least one in my pocket and extras nearby. I ordered 9 dozen back in 2004, and still have 4 left. I am looking to have a custom barrel made that is more durable so I can just buy refills. Preferably made from a hard metal, possibly including the guts of the pen (minus the refill/spring) Can anyone direct me to someone that could make this happen?

    Michael Hauser
    Augusta, GA USA


    This site has them for $13.74 a dozen. This works out to just over a dollar a pen. Not too shabby. Knowing all that is listed above it is a great conversation piece. I’m sure a little digging with Google can find you a single pen or a lower price. That was the first one that popped up using Google Shopping.

    They don’t have the storied history, but Fisher Space Pens are also great and will write in any condition. The ink is in a sealed pressurized barrel.

  7. I am a retired Letter Carrier from the U.S. Postal Service. These pens were always dependable on my job, and I need to get refills or new pens. Are these pens available to individuals? If so, where can I make a purchase?

  8. I do not live in the USA but should like to purchase over the internet a few (not 12 dozen as advertised) black Skilcraft ballpoint pens. Kindly inform me of a retailer where I order these pens and have them sent to me by airmail. Look forward to your reply and thank you.

  9. I’m amazed by all the statistics about the measurements and the parts being used for tracheotomy tubes etc. It’s like the Swiss army knife of pens, very James Bond indeed 🙂


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