Totally Random Pen Stuff 2

Totally Random Pen Stuff 2 is a round-up of interesting pen related blog posts that we have recently come across.

Totally Random Pen Stuff

The AP’s reporting some good news and some bad news about David H. Brooks, founder of the company that provided Interceptor body armor to the U.S. military. The good news is, David is a such a supporter of pen collecting that he spent US$ 350K on them, including gold and silver pens. The bad news is federal prosecutors have put him on trial for cooking the books at his company and spending money improperly.

On cross examination, the president of an upscale pen company said he didn’t know whether Brooks gave them out for business purposes.

As part of its expansion into Malta, the Stabilo pen company recently sponsored a handwriting contest among the nation’s 9-to-11-year-olds. The kids were asked to handwrite essays on what they thought handwriting would be like in the future, according to the Malta Times.

Approximately 200 entries were submitted. Some candidates wrote that in the future handwriting will be extinct and it will become a rare art known just by a talented few. Others wrote that in the years to come, handwriting will be prohibited while others imagined magical pens that can read minds and put thoughts to paper capable also of correcting mistakes.

Don’t know about you, but we think that last one sounds absolutely brilliant. The winner received a €150 certificate to a stockist.

Employees of the County of Los Angeles in California apparently have expensive pen habits – so much so that auditors are having to eliminate certain items from the Office Depot catalog available for official purchase.

Sandoval says he is not fixated on price as the only consideration. “A 12-cent pen is better than a 5-cent pen,” he acknowledges. But he says that having too many choices of writing implements can lead to some bad decisions.

Among those decisions: Spending US$ 40.50 on a Mini-Jeweleria brown resin fountain pen, according to the county.

Instead, the new catalog will feature about half the original number of items and will show only those that employees are allowed to buy. From a county website:

There will be no more nice fountain pens or gel ink rollerballs, the county’s purchasing manager says. But doesn’t he know that a well-equipped employee is a happy employee?

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