Can’t Stop Smiling at Pilot Frixion Clicker Commercial

Call me odd, but I like TV commercials. Well, clever commercials. Especially clever commercials about pens.

Pilot Pens adverts tend to be some of my favorites. and I can’t stop smiling at this at Pilot Frixion Clicker Commercial

To get you in the mood and see why here is a screenshot of just one scene from the following commercial.

Screen Shot From thePilot Frixion Clickerr Commercial

The company has just wrapped up a big marketing push for the Pilot FriXion Clicker in the UK right now, and it comes up with a slightly subversive little 20-second spot for movie theaters and British TV that gave me some right chuckles.

Oh, would that the Pilot FriXion Clicker really could erase anything you want. I’m looking at you, Bieber.

The last Clicker commercial didn’t really grab me at first, but after watching it a couple of times, I realized it was actually quite good.

In 20 seconds, it made the point that none of us are perfect, and we all need a little help correcting our mistakes sometimes. And, of course, when that mistake involves writing, FriXion is there.

Pretty effective, I thought.

When the FriXion Clicker first came out, Pilot aired a simple 45-second spot that focused on just one aspect of the pen. Click. Click. Click.

They may have overdone it a bit with the clicking, but you sure one thing after watching that commercial. The Pilot FriXion was now a retractable. Besides, who doesn’t love seeing a lizard lick its own face?

Got any favorite pen commercials of your own? Send us a link, and we’ll put ’em on the blog.

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If you enjoyed these Pilot Pens commercials you will be amazed when you see this dress made out of Frixion Pens by designer Bobby Kelley, who used nearly 500 red FriXion erasable pens to make it with.

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