Stabilo Sensor Fineliner Pen Review

Fineliner pens are generally used for drawing & sketching as well as handwriting. The Stabilo Sensor has unique Sensor Technology, the patented tip with micro cushioning will it is claimed withstand more pressure than its competitors.

Stabilo Sensor Black

The Stabilo Sensor Fineliner  tip will completely retract into the metal case. This has been designed to produce a consistent line no matter what pressure you exert when writing. I like to write on plain paper, although I’d be the first to admit rarely write a straight line! hence this example is on lined paper. This fineliner came in handy when I had a little assistance, as only the metal casing touched the ruler leaving no damage to the tip.

I found writing with this pen similar to that of a rollerball, the 0.3 fine nib left a smooth line of text on the page. The grip section is in the form of a series of indents, although my preference is for a more cushioned feel, my fingers didn’t slip towards the nib therefore I suppose it served its purpose.

Available in a choice of black, blue, red & green ink, alternatively should you not be able to make your mind up packs of 4 colours can also be purchased.

With regards to the appearance the barrel is a mix of silver & opaque white mixed with the ink colour. Whilst Stabilo say the Sensor has a high quality aluminum look, to me its very much plastic. On the positive side its very light & comfortable to hold, the cap posts well when in use & has a durable pocket clip.

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