Staedtler Tradition Pencil Rubber-Tip – Review

In today’s world, it seems some people think that nothing is worth doing manually, armed with their smartphones & the like that perform with speed, electronic gadgets are their preference. Where creativity & brainstorming are required however there will always be those that turn to a pen or pencil.
There is also the case for looking after the environment, when it comes to the many gizmos we hold dear that are upgraded at a rate of notts, what about all that plastic that has to be disposed of? This leads some to conclude “a wooden pencil has to be much more eco-friendly” doesn’t it?

Staedtler Tradition Pencil Rubber Tip

A time-honored pencil can always be found on my desk, with its distinctive black & red striped body & hexagonal shape, the Staedtler Tradition Pencil Rubber Tip is ideal for writing, sketching & drawing. That’s not to say that a mechanical pencil does not have its uses.

With roots back as far as 1835 Staedtler are one of Germany’s oldest industrial companies, they remain popular through their ability to innovate & develop their products, in their words living up to the description “efficient for ecology.“ The production of the Wopex is a prime example, using their unique extrusion technology the company has created a pencil from a natural fiber containing 70% wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Notwithstanding our pursuit of innovation the Tradition Pencil is still sought after, it wears evenly is easy to use & sharpen with the added benefit of a handy eraser on the end. It’s made from a special lead that is super bonded making it less likely to break. When the pencil starts to get small you can extend its life with a pencil extender.

I found the Staedtler Tradition to be very comfortable to write with, it was light in the hand, I can vouch for the strength of the lead as it didn’t break once (surprisingly as I’m known for being heavy-handed with everything) & was probably thanks to it’s super bonded formula. by the way, did you know that:

pencil lead is not actually made from lead? which means that you cant get lead poisoning from a pencil.

The eraser also proved to be super-efficient when required.

For me, the Tradition is more appealing to the eye than it’s stable-mate the Norris & although its a few pence and are more expensive I recall rows of them in the stationery cupboard at school & in countless offices in the late ’70s & ’80s, not sure that would still be the case today, if anyone knows any different please let us know.

The humble pencil has been in existence in the lives of our ancestors for more than 300 years & with recent stats suggesting over 81% of Germans using them on a regular basis & pencil sales increasing in the US looks like they’re here to stay.

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