Staedtler Triplus Ball Review

The Staedtler Triplus Ball is a stick pen with a difference. The triangular barrel is ergonomically designed, it is claimed that it provides an effortless writing experience.  I had difficulty taking the cap on & off.  I found this was probably because I hadn’t placed it in line with the triangular sides.


This pen does have a rubberised grip along the length of the barrel, unlike many other basic ballpoints that just have a see through plastic case.

Staedtler Triplus 431 M Blue

The Staedtler Triplus Ball is somewhat heavier than most ballpoints, probably due to the nickel plated nib housing & screw end plug, which along with the rubberised barrel does make it look more expensive if nothing else.

When in action this pen performed as expected, nothing more nothing less.  In fact, I did test the triplus ball in green with a medium tip, alongside a cheap blue freebie that came from a charity envelope, I’ll leave you to judge the result for yourself.

Marketed as airplane safe, due to its automatic pressure equalisation, this should ensure that you don’t have something resembling a paint ball explosion in your top pocket when you come back down to earth.  Indelible ink provides the user with following benefits:

Non erasable, therefore good for writing cheques & documents



Solvent resistant

The triplus ball is available in 4 colours with medium & fine line widths, they can also be refilled.

I like the fact that this pen is a little longer than the norm, but when the lid is posted on the end it tends to rattle around, which I found irritating.

All in all I remain to be convinced that the ergonomics justify the difference in price of other ballpoints, the Zebra Z grip ballpoint pen is one example.

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