Is Handwriting Really Obsolete?

Handwriting Sample Text

There has been much written in the media over the last several months about the supposed death of handwriting, with some writers gladly bidding goodbye to cursive.

Which is all very funny, given the results of a new study coming out of the University of Washington. Perhaps you’ve heard. Researchers found that children wrote faster and wrote more when composing essays with pen and paper than when using keyboards.

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Do Fountain Pens Improve Children’s Handwriting?

Do Fountain Pens Improve Childrens Handwriting

In the right hands, fountain pens produce some beautiful lettering, so it stands to reason that giving your child a fountain pen might be the right way to neaten the little one’s Ps and Qs. But can using a fountain pen really improve your children’s handwriting?

It very well might be the case and there is at least one Junior School that is convinced of the benefits of introducing children to fountain pens at a very young age. Also when it comes to doing exams if your child has neat legible handwriting then this can only be a good thing in the eyes of an examiner. They must get very frustrated trying to decipher something resembling spiders crawl when they have hundreds of papers to mark.

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