The Apollo Technical Pen And Drafting Scale Is Piling up Backers And Bucks

You know you probably have a winning Kickstarter project when you’ve raised more than three times your funding goal and still have nearly a month to go.

Roxtar Labs launched the Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale project with a goal of $30,000 to manufacture and distribute the precision pens. Within a week, the project had doubled that number and has continued to climb now past $90,000.

I think the key to their success may be the pen’s compatibility with an amazing number of refills, more than 50 all total. Included in that list: Pentel EnerGel, Pilot Hi-Tec-C, Lamy Rollerball and both the Pilot FriXion and Uniball Fanthom erasable ink pens.

Apollo Technical Pen
Apollo Technical Pen

The Apollo pens are machined from titanium and stainless steel, with hexagonal barrels and knurled grips. They’re also modular, so they can be reconfigured to add a stylus, change the length and even be used as mechanical pencil with a Lamy Z60 mechanism.

The pens are available in three finishes: Satin Silver, Black Stealth and Steampunk Brass.

Apollo Technical Pen In 3 Finishes


And, detachable rings found at the upper end of the grip are interchangeable to denote ink color, or simply to add a bit of color. In addition to silver, blue, red and black rings, all Kickstarter backers also receive an additional green ring.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. In a world of excess, we strive to fit multiple functions into simpler form factors. The Apollo serves its technical purpose while keeping you organized and looking great on your desk.

But there is more to the Apollo than just the pen.

The full set includes a matching tri-scale for drafting. Because I had no idea what a drafting scale is, I had to look it up. Essentially, it’s a three-sided ruler with various measurements for architects to use when drawing blueprints.

Apollo Drafting Scale

The Apollo tri-scale – in finishes that match the pens – offers that drafting functionality, as well as serves as a holder for up to three Apollo pens, one on each side of the scale.

The Kickstarter project is open until Dec. 13.

Backers who pledge at least $59 will receive the pen and ring set. Backers who pledge at least $209 get 3 pens, a ring set and the tri-scale.

The pens ship with Pilot Hi-Tec-C refills.


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  1. Hi Nic

    We are not selling them they just asked if we could do a blog post about their pen on the kickstarter project. We thought it looked great and were happy to oblige.

    If you want one you will have to contact them through their Kickstarter page.

  2. Hi there Roxtar Crew,
    saw your pen barrel designs and thought they are really cool. Are you selling these? If so I am in Australia do you ship? hope to hear an update and good luck on your design venture……
    best regards

  3. This project is the trifecta in multi pen functionality especially for the technical community. Can’t wait to receive mine!


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