The Complete Guide to Arteza Pen Refills

This complete guide to Arteza pen refills shows you every refill that Arteza makes for their pens, which pens they fit, and alternatives from other brands where available.

The Complete Guide to Arteza Pen Refills

1. About Arteza

Arteza is a U.S.-based online art & crafts company that supplies painting, drawing, craft, and office products. They state that they are artists, designers, musicians, and creators but do not go into further details.

2. Arteza Gel Ink Pen Refills

Arteza Gel Ink Pen Refill

Arteza Gel Pen Refills are quick-drying, smooth writing, non-toxic, acid-free refill. There are three ink colors to choose from black (pack of 50 refills), blue (pack of 50 refills ), and red ( pack of 36 refills)

It measures 111mm in length and has a 0.7mm tip.

The refills fit Arteza retractable gel pens, but the great thing about them is that they will also work with many other brands of pens whose refills are hard to find or not supplied by the manufacturer.

They are very similar in size to the Pilot G2 refill and the Pentel LR7 refill and can fit the following pens.

  • Kaco Gel Pens
  • Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens
  • Pentel Energel Pens (LR7 Refills)
  • Pilot B2P, Dr. Grip, G2, G2 Limited, G2 Pro (BG27RBLK refill 0.7mm)
  • Uni-Ball Signo 207 (UMR-80 Refills 1.0mm, UMR-85 Refills 0.5mm, UMR-87 Refills 0.7mm)
  • Sharpie Gel Pens
  • Uni-Ball Signo Signo 307 (UMR-87E Refills)

You may need to trim the refill lengths slightly to get a proper fit.

3. Arteza Set of 60 Assorted Colors Gel Pen Refills

Arteza Set of 60 Gel Ink Refills

Arteza also makes a set of 60 gel ink refills for their assorted pack of gel ink pens. The refills have quick-drying ink that is non-toxic and acid-free. They are very smooth writing, and the colors keep their vibrancy for a long time.

The set contains the following refills.

  • 3 Classic colors Refills
  • 4 Glitter-Neon Refills
  • 6 Rainbow Refills
  • 9 Pastel Refills
  • 10 Neon Refills
  • 11 Metallic Refills
  • 17 Glitter Refills

The refills are not interchangeable with the Arteza retractable gel ink pens, as they are different.

They may fit other gel ink-capped pen brands, but you must compare the sizes before trying.

4. Where Can I Buy Cheap Arteza Refills

Buy Arteza Refills on Amazon

Arteza Refills can be bought either direct from Arteza or on Amazon, where they may be slightly cheaper with the benefit of Amazon’s free next-day delivery.

If you also have a different brand of pen, check out Pen Refill Guides, where there is a complete list of our in-depth refill guides for each manufacturer.

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