The Beginners Guide to Crocodile Fountain Pens

Established around 2008 the Shanghai European Crocodile Stationery Co. Ltd sell what they describe as authentic crocodile series gold pens. In the time-honored tradition of most Chinese pen companies, they firmly believe that you should not re-invent the wheel and that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

In this guide, we will cover what are the most popular Crocodile pens are and their approximate price to buy in U.S dollars. There will be details of which pen it is a copy of if known.  It is not intended to be an in-depth review or an endorsement of the quality but to make you aware of what is available. If you can add any further information about these pens it will be great to let us know in the comments.

While researching this guide it turns out that the Crocodile pens are very difficult to find in the USA and Europe there are a few on eBay and Etsy that has a 22k electroplated gold nib. They look like they are the same as the Crocodile 806 but the current 806 pens on their website have a 14k gold nib.

1. Crocodile 806 Fountain Pen 14K Gold Nib

Crocodile 806 Fountain Pens

The Crocodile 806 fountain pen is one of their most popular fountain pens and has a 14k gold nib. The barrel is made from turned resin and it is available in several different finishes. These include Black Blue, Emerald Green, Aerolite Red, Dark Coffee, and Fog Grey Stone.

As you can see its design is based on a Parker Duofold Centennial Pen which the manufacturer gives a subtle nod to by describing these pens as their Century series pens. There is also a great comparison of the Crocodile 806 and the Parker Duofold Centennial fountain pens on the fountain pen network by Ancient Artifact. They also compare the Duofold with a Kaigelu 316 fountain pen.

2. Crocodile 808 Fountain Pen 14K Gold Nib

Crocodile 808 Fountain Pens

This is one of my favorite pens in their range and wishes they were available to buy in the U.S. The crocodile 808 fountain pen has its trademark traditional crocodile pocket clip and a 14K gold nib. The crocodile design on its barrel is made from abalone seashell and inlaid into the barrel. This is set off with a golden crocodile around the cap of the pen.

It is just something a little bit different and right up my street if anyone knows how I can buy one of these please drop me a line and let me know.

3. Crocodile 809 Fountain Pen 14K Gold Nib

Crocodile 809 Fountain Pens

The crocodile pen website does not give much away about their 809 fountain pen. It is simply described as Big Pearl 14K fountain pen.

Looking at the images though I wonder if the barrel and cap are inlaid with a sea shell similar to that used on their 808 fountain pens.

4. Other Crocodile Fountain Pens

Other Crocodile Fountain Pens

Going by the website the 806, 808, and 809 pens are the headline act and their top of the range pens with a 14k gold tip.

They also have over 50 more different fountain pens that are divided into series which are 600, 500, 300, and 200.

It looks like in general the lower the number the cheaper/lesser quality the pens are quite probably ranging from 22k gold electroplated nibs down to everyday steel nibs.

If you enjoyed this post why not take a look at our guide to fountain pen nibs and how to replace them. changing the nib can make a big difference to how the pen writes and feels when writing.

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