The 10 Best Fountain Pen Cases + Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best fountain pen cases, then you are in the right place. We show you what we consider to be the best available to buy. If you are unsure about which type of case you need our buying guide has top tips to help you choose the right one.

As we discussed in our guide How to Store Pens the best way to store a pen is horizontal as it prevents the ink from leaking yet still allows it to be present at the nib so you can write straight away.

A pen case is an ideal way to achieve this.

1. DiLoro Leather Pen Holder – Single Pen

Diloro Single Leather Pen Case

Made from Italian leather by the Swiss luxury brand Diloro their single pen case oozes quality at an unbelievably low price. It is available in six different colors and can comfortably hold a single fountain pen. It measures 150mm, x 43mm so to allow the cover to close properly the length of the pen should probably be no more than 140mm or the flap may be a little loose if the pen is slightly bigger than this.

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2. Vintage Handmade Leather Pen Case Single Pen

Vintage Handmade Leather Single Pen Case

This is a handmade leather pen case that is a little bit different from the traditional pen cases that have a fold-over flap. It is a roll-up/wrap retro-styled case measuring 7.1 x 1.2 inches which give plenty of room for most fountain pens

This case has a pattern carved into the black leather and it closes with a snap-fit connector.

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3. Cross Classic Century Single Pen Case

Cross Single Pen Case

Cross is the oldest and most respected American manufacturer of quality writing instruments. Their single pen case as you would expect is no exception it is a premium pen case with a premium price tag. It is a stylish pen case fashioned from Napa leather with a fold-over magnet closure.

This pen case is best suited to fountain pens that have a slimmer barrel. Cross Classic Century Fountain Pens have a slim profile so this pen case may be too tight a fit for fountain pens with a wide barrel.

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4. DiLoro Leather Double Pen Holder – Two Pens

Diloro Double Leather Pen Case

The Swiss-made Diloro Leather Double Pen Holder is another superb pen case. It is made with Italian leather and can hold two standard size fountain pens. There is a massive 10 colors to choose from there should be something that appeals to you. Its size is 150mm x 40mm x 25 and like their single case, the pens should be no more than 150mm in length.

Price [amazon fields=”B014J47N52″ value=”price”]

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5. Maxwell Scott Leather Pen Case 3 – 4 Pens

Maxwell Scott Pen Case

Maxwell Scott is a luxury British brand that manufacturer leather bags and accessories from the finest quality Italian leather. In-fact they are so confident about the quality of their leather goods they give an incredible 25-year guarantee. It measures 5.4 x 1.7 x 15.3 cm and can hold up to four pens.

Price [amazon fields=”B004IFKM92″ value=”price”]

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6. ZYLC Leather Pen Case 3 -4 Pens

ZYLC Leather Pen Case

The ZYLC Leather Pen Case is a handy roll wrap case that has comparts to hold a single pen, two-three pens, and a zip pocket. It is ideal for when you are out and about as not only can you carry your favorite pens but also credit cards, notes, receipts, or other small items that you may need on your travels.

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7. Lanxivi Fountain Pen Case – 12 Pens

Lanxivi Fountain Pen Case 12 Pens

For those who need a bit more storage then the Lanxivi 12 Pen Leather Fountain Pen Case is inexpensive and just the thing. The case is made of faux leather and has a two-layer design that has 12 slots to insert your pens in. the slots are adjustable up to 20mm in diameter so you can change each one to match the barrel size of the pen.

Price [amazon fields=”B00K9NWCPY” value=”price”]

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8. Kaco Canvas Waterproof Fountain Pen Holder – 20 Pens

Kaco 20 Pen Case

This waterproof canvas fountain pen case is the number one selling pen case on Amazon. It is made from a soft fabric and can hold 20 pens and is ideal for keeping your pens in tip-top condition. It can hold pens that are up to 175mm in length and 16mm in diameter. The case measures 240mm x 181 x 37mm. For those who need more storage, Kaco also makes this case in a 40 Pen holder.

Price [amazon fields=”B07SJLHW35″ value=”price”]

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9. Black Faux Leather Fountain Pen Case – 48 Pens

48 Fountain Pen Case

This case makes the list as it is one of the most cost-effective options for those with a large pen collection. Those that have bought one from Amazon have given it positive reviews with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating. It is also one of the best sellers for the fountain pen case.

As for the case, it is made from Faux leather and has a two-layer design with 48 adjustable slots that can fit pens up to 20mm in diameter. The case measures 330mm x 250mm x 20mm.

Price [amazon fields=”B01MZ183F2″ value=”price”]

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10. Lifomenz Co Pen Ebony Pen Display Case – 10 Pens

Lifomenz 10 Pen Display Case

The Lifeomenz Co Display Case is a top-quality product that is perfect for storing and displaying your pens. It has rave reviews on Amazon with a 5-star rating and comments such as perfect, exceeds expectations, and more than what you pay for.

The case has a large glass window and is finished in a wooden ebony laminate effect with stainless steel fittings. When the lid is closed it is securely held in place by magnets.

The interior of the box is covered in soft faux leather with curved slots to hold the pens in place. The underside of the box is covered in velvet which protects the surface that it has been placed on.

The display case can hold pens up to 173mm in length and 21mm in diameter, external measurements are 310mm x 200mm x 60mm

Price [amazon fields=”B07MXJBJMX” value=”price”]

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11. Lifomenz Co Pen Ebony Pen Display Case – 20 Pens

Lifomenz 20 Pen Display Case

For those with larger pen collections then the Lifeomenz Co 20 Pen Display box is ideal. It has the same high-quality finish as its 10-pen display case but it is dual-layer.

The display case can hold pens up to 173mm in length and 21mm in diameter, external measurements are 310mm x 200mm x 94mm.

Price [amazon fields=”B07MXJBVK2″ value=”price”]

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12. Buying Guide

There are hundreds of different fountain pen cases for sale online and they come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. When you are trying to find the best fountain pen case for your needs it can be overwhelming. Here are our top tips to help you find the best fountain pen case that is perfect for your needs.

How Many Pens Does It Need to Hold?

The first thing to consider is how many fountain pens will your pen case need to hold? It may seem obvious if you are only using one pen then a single pen case will suffice. But if you already have several pens do you need to future proof and buy a pen case with a greater capacity than the number of pens that you currently own.

What Type of Pen Case Do I Need?

Pen cases generally fall into four different categories these are:

Fold Over

Fold over pen cases are usually made of genuine leather the pen sets in the case and a flap folds over and tucks into a loop. An example of this is the DiLoro Leather Pen Holder. The main thing to remember when buying a fold-over pen case is to measure your pen and check the dimensions of the case to make sure that your pen will fit before parting with your hard-earned dollars.

Other things to look out for are to make sure that the stitching is in good condition not frayed or loose. Also that the inside is not rough or course so that it does not scratch your pen.

Zipped Pen Cases

Zipped pen cases are sometimes referred to as pen pouches and are ideal if you have lots of pens. they can hold usually anywhere from 10 pens to 48 pens. The more expensive cases can be made of genuine leather but typically they will be made from faux leather or canvas material. They will usually have either a loop to hold the pens in place these can either be a fixed size, elasticated or adjustable. Again, check the dimensions of your pens and the case before buying.

The main thing to look for is the zip is it robust enough to withstand being zipped and unzipped on a regular basis. Also, the inner lining is it a good quality material that is well fitted.

Pen Display Cases

Pen display cases offer the best of both worlds they are an excellent place to store your pens safely and you can show them off to the best of their ability. A good pen case needs to be of solid construction with strong hinges and glass. The inside should be lined with a soft material to protect your pens. there are cheap display cases available but if you want something that is good quality that will last then you are probably looking at upwards of $60,00.

Pen Slips

Pen Slips are usually a pouch with an open end that as the name suggests you slip your pen into. They offer a basic level of protection for when you are carrying them with you or storing them on a desk or in a draw when not in use. Again, make sure the stitching is in good condition and the inner lining will not scratch your pen. As with the other cases check the dimensions to make sure your pen will fit before buying.

If you are currently using a fountain pen case from this list or something else that you can recommend then please let us know. If you are a new fountain pen user then check out our beginner’s guide to fountain pens which has lots of advice for those just starting out.

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