Totally Random Pen Stuff 4

Totally Random Pen Stuff 4 is a round-up of interesting pen related blog posts that we have recently come across.

Totally Random Pen Stuff

Normally, we view over-priced pens with a certain amount of disdain. But this pen is just too cool for us to do much sneering. Why? Because this Dunhill Sentryman is covered with a coating of space rock! According to, the pen:

…features an innovative lacquer finish containing authentic crushed black diamonds and meteorite stone for a stunning effect.

The meteorites apparently come from a well-known field of rocks that crashed in Argentina. Of course, the price reflects the fancy design. It goes for US$1,100.

The newspaper in Pueblo, Colorado ran a nice little profile of a local pen enthusiast who has become something of a self-educated expert on inks.

John Bosley was a college student looking for some variety in his note-taking when he bought his first fountain pen on eBay. That blossomed into a fountain pen and ink obsession, according to the Pueblo Chieftain.

Bosley says his favorite pen changes from day to day, but his favorite brand is Esterbrook.

“It’s kind of the Bic of the ’40s and ’50s,” he said. “Probably anyone who was alive then has heard of and used Esterbrook. They don’t get much respect, but they just work so well. I kind of got addicted to them — I’ve got 50 or so.”

And as Bosley realized immediately after purchasing that first pen — an antique from the 1940s — you need ink. Good ink is beautiful. It comes in many colors. To use only one hue would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

Bosley started a website called Vintage Inks and has even been invited to the Smithsonian Institution for an event organized by Pen Collectors of America.

It’s always good to see pen collectors get some recognition.

Anyone planning to attend the Stationery and Office Products Shows in London on April 13tand 14th? You might want to stop by the Zebra Pens display to have your handwriting analysed.

“We could not resist the idea of sponsoring this new attraction at SOPX” says UK sales & marketing manager, Martin Notley.  “Just as a person’s handwriting reveals a lot about them, so does their choice of pen.  Zebra pens epitomise style, fun and good taste as buyers will be reminded at the show!”

Everyone who signs up for the handwriting analysis will be entered into a drawing for a free bottle of champagne. Cheers!

(Register for free entry to the shows here.)

This is easily our favourite video of the week. From the guys at, it shows you how to make a Pilot G2 into a Montblanc rollerball in 2 minutes.

The only question: Does the Montblanc refill write well enough to make this worth the effort, minimal as it is?

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5 thoughts on “Totally Random Pen Stuff 4”

  1. Maybe the two MontBlanc refills I had were defective, but they wrote scratchy for me. Over the past seven years I’ve had a couple of defective G2 refills (more like dried out) out of many dozen. The others were amazingly smooth, not to mention about $10 cheaper than the MB.

  2. I am due to go to the SOPX so I will endeavour to try out the graphologist if I can get a chance to see him It could be interesting to see what he has to say.

  3. To answer the question, no the Montblanc refill doesn’t write well enough to make the effort worth it.

    I’ve actually taken to doing the opposite…making the G-2 (actually the G-3) refill fit in my Montblanc, as I personally like the feel of it better.


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