Uni-ball Insight UB 211 – Rollerball Review

Looking in my pen box for something to review, my mind drifted back to school days when a pencil case was always in my bag. Cases for pencils have been around for over 200 years, some elaborate designs were even made in silver & gold. I seem to recall a favourite of mine being made from a heavy tartan fabric that was splattered with felt pen ink, usually due to the lids being left off when packed away in a hurry as I rushed to reach the next lesson on time.

Uni Ball Insight UB 211 Blue

Looking at the blue Uni-ball Insight UB 211 I’d decided to inspect, I wondered if the Super Ink would leak like my old fashioned felts, somehow I didn’t think so. Once dry this ink doesn’t wash off, is tamper proof & fade resistant.

The Uniball Insight barrel has a handy transparent window over the length of the pen, useful for monitoring remaining ink level, the rest of the barrel is a mix of glossy blue & matt silver. The sturdy cap is coded to the ink colours (blue in this case) with a pocket clip edged with a black rim.

Being a fan of rubberised grip sections, the lack of any noticeable grip on the insight is a bit disappointing. I found my finger rested on the ledge that joins the nib housing. This rollerball is pretty stick like but the blue ink is an attractive colour & has proved to be as smooth a writer as its cousin the Uni-ball eye UB-157, it’s a little cheaper too.

Available in black, blue, red, violet, wine & green these lively colourful pens have a 0.7mm fine tip that writes a 0.5mm line.

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