The Uni Power Tank Ballpoint Pen Does It Live up to the Hype?

After a quick check on the internet & I find the Uni-Ball Power Tank RT is deemed to be the best thing since sliced bread by many of its fans, but does it live up to the hype? 

Personally, I like the chunky barrel the design is executed in such a way that the grip section appears to be 2 thirds of the length of this pen. I am using a black Power Tank, however, my view is that the blue & red pens are more attractive & appealing to the eye as the ink window is more apparent.

Now, as I’ve never been much of an acrobat, I wasn’t able to test the claims that this ballpoint writes upside down. Neither could I check out the claims of writing in minus temperatures as it’s currently arguably “Summer” in the UK. As the year is turning out to be a typical British Summer however, I can say that Uni-Balls declaration of writing on wet paper did prove accurate having been caught in a shower.

Take a look at The Uni-ball Power Tank: Better than the Fisher Space Pen? for a more in-depth comparison.

Unfortunately, the scan of the handwritten copy doesn’t show this very well. Anyway, it leads me to the conclusion that anybody working outdoors may find this pen of interest.

The Power Tank is a retractable ballpoint that produces a 0.4mm line from its stainless steel tip, 1.0mm tungsten carbide ball. The fact that Uniball’s unique super ink is of archival quality & also tamper-proof is another bonus point.

There are other pens out there that have been specifically engineered for astronauts & for use in extreme conditions. However, unless you are planning on going into space or joining a polar expedition in the near future I guess you wouldn’t want the price tag that goes with them.

If on the other hand you just want to write a few notes outside without being concerned about the odd shower whilst writing outdoors or do the occasional handstand whilst writing your diary, then this Uni Power Tank will probably suffice.

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