Uni-ball Signo Gel Stick UM-170 – Review

Gel ink pens haven’t been around as long as many of their counterparts but they do have their advantages. They offer a larger range of colours & can provide fluorescent & metallic shades that are visible on darker surfaces.

UNi Ball UM 170 Blue

The Uni-ball Signo Gel Stick UM-170 contains Uni’s unique Super Ink, this pigment ink is tamper proof & resistant to fading & water, once the ink is dry it can’t be removed.

This simple yet stylish looking gel pen has a 0.7mm tungsten carbide ball that writes a 0.4mm line. Available in 8 different colours, I can personally vouch for the pink, the super ink is as vibrant as the plastic barrel. It is an everyday pen, but makes a refreshing change from using your conventional black or blue ink when you want to add a little colour to the notebook.

I generally like to post the cap on my pen as I write, but in this instance chose to leave it on the desk as clasping this pen brought back memories of standing on the oche at a darts match preparing to aim for the score of my dreams & subconsciously started practising my aim, getting ready to launch at the imaginary dart board to the left of my monitor.

Overall this Uni-ball gel ink pen proved to be a smooth writer that could be equally useful in the home, classroom or workplace, most of the time. Apparently the disadvantage of some gel pens is that they can tend to skip & don’t write so well on shiny surfaces, I found this to be the case on some paper & whilst the ink did stand out on a dark page the colour changed (as can be seen in the written example) so something to think about if you have a particular task in mind.

All in all a positive review, an easy going pen that was comfy to use & would brighten up any page, however dull the content.

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