Zebra Expandz Review – Pink Ballpoint Pen 1.0mm Tip

The Zebra Expandz is an expandable ballpoint.  This compact little pen has a sturdy steel, well balanced barrel & is comfortable to hold.  I say little pen because when closed it only measures 10.3cm, with the barrel expanded to full length it is 13.3cm.

Zebra Expandz Pink

This smartly designed ballpoint is protracted by simply holding the top & bottom of the barrel & pulling apart, when you want to retract just push to close.

A telescopic pen that is pleasant on the eye, with a polished silver nib housing, end cap & pocket clip.  The chic metal barrel is available in a large range of colours, 10 to be exact, I am reviewing a pink one.  When closed the glossy pink finish has a polished metal ring in the centre, when pulled apart a matt silver section is revealed & voila a full length pen is ready to use.

The Zebra Expandz is supplied with a 1.0mm black ballpoint refill in a gift box & can be refilled with Zebra F1’s.

As this handy pen is made from metal it is obviously heavier in the hand than anything in plastic, this didn’t spoil the writing experience for me.  I found the Expandz sturdy to hold without fear of it collapsing mid sentence & it laid down a smooth sleek line of text with ease.  There was no blotting, skipping or smudging & certainly no clumping at the tip.

I like the fact that it looks & feels like a quality pen & has the added benefit of being able to fit into a small bag, purse or pocket.

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