Pilot B2P Ballpoint Pen Fine 0.7mm Review

Although I don’t think of myself as the eco-warrior type I like to think that I try to do my bit for the environment. So when Pete asked me to review the Pilot B2P I was happy to oblige.  One of Pilot’s BeGreen range, these ballpoint pens are made using 94% recycled plastic & are also refillable. The Pilot B2P is a ballpoint with a 0.7mm tip & is made from translucent blue plastic.

Pilot B2P BP F Blue

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Inside the barrel there are a series of small circles, this is no coincidence as apparently the Pilot B2P range is made using plastic from recycled water bottles & designed to resemble a bottle of sparkling water.  These retractable pens advance & protract by pressing the large blue button on the top, something intended to look like the top of a bottle of water.

When I’m reviewing pens I tend to twist & turn them any which way whilst giving them the once over.  When the ballpoint on this pen is protracted the push button is loose & rattled around, which I found a little annoying, but we shouldn’t hold this against the pen it doesn’t affect the performance.

The Pilot B2P gives me the impression of being a novelty pen, it even has a label around the barrel, its something that could imagine being appreciated as a free gift.  The fact that it can be refilled using RFJSGP ballpoint pen refills, along with recyclability adds to the pen’s environmentally friendly appeal.  As the slogan from the well know store goes, every little helps, and for me, anything that goes towards making the planet a cleaner & a healthier place has to be given some credit.

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