Zebra F-301 Stainless Steel Ballpoint – Review

I’ve written before that a ballpoint will not be the first pen I reach for but in the interest of equality I’m going to take a look at the Zebra F-301 with black ink.

Zebra F301 Black

We’ve all heard about the importance of making a good first impression whatever the circumstances be it a business meeting, interview even a first date. In my world that first glance at a pen will often prompt a take it or leave it moment, so I wonder what response the F-301 will stir up.

The Zebra F-301 Stainless Steel Ballpoint is a relatively slim retractable ballpoint that gives an initial feeling of being shorter than the average, but at 13cm this is not the case. Predominantly silver, its stainless steel body is separated by a ridged black plastic grip & all finished off with a matt black section housing the clip.


Attractive stylish design.

Positive, sturdy retractable button.

A smooth writer.


Some reviews seem to suggest longevity is not one of its best features, although this ballpoint is easily refillable using Zebra F refills.

The button has an annoying rattle with the nib exposed when writing.

Skips on occasion.

I’m not a fan of the grip section, finding it a little too rigid & would prefer something a little softer.

These ballpoints have 1.0mm tips, they are also available in blue ink with colour coded accents.

Despite the fact I’ve highlighted some negative points, this pen is fairly attractive to look at & being a ballpoint you’ll be able to scribble a note on pretty much any paper, it performed perfectly well on a shiny birthday card, post it notes & different quality paper. It’s reasonable price tag means you won’t have to panic if you leave it lying around for fear of it going missing.


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