Manuscript Callicreative Italic Metallic Marker – Review

Italic writing has been around for centuries. Used by the Romans & Greeks who have left their mark on ancient buildings & monuments everywhere.

Look around & you will see many Italic pens on the market, one manufacturer is the Manuscript Pen Co. who are celebrating their 25th year, although their association with D. Leonardt & Co, goes way back as far as 1856.

Manuscript Callicreative Italic Marker Twin Pack

Renowned for top quality products, the Manuscript range includes the Callicreative Italic Metallic Marker, this has a medium 2.4mm nib & is ideal for anything from signing cards, arts & crafts or just splendid writing. These pens are easy to use & have washable pigment ink so if any young crafters want to get inspired & put their skills to the test, they may like to enter a competition or two. Manuscript currently have a couple online, the closing date is 31st July so there’s still time to enter.

The Manuscript Callicreative Italic Metallic Markers are disposable & have an ergonomically shaped grip section, they come in a handy reusable blister pack containing a gold & silver pen, there is also a leaflet with a few guidelines to get you started. These pens have long lasting fibre tips & the design helps the ink to flow easily without any annoying pauses that mean you have to shake the living daylights out of it.

Whether you want to practice your signature, partake in a spot of crafting or hone your calligraphy skills these metallic markers will get the job done far quicker than cutting into stone & I for one will be adding them to my arsenal of writing instruments.

They are also available in gold and silver perfect for Christmas cards and other festive crafts.

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