Artline 541T Whiteboard Pen Dual Bullet Tip – Review

Whiteboards are ideal for note-taking, making lists or training sessions at home or in the workplace, I suppose they have replaced the chalkboard in many situations.

Artline 541T WB Black

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You’ll need something to write with  & marker pens come with various tip sizes, which brings us on to the Artline 541T whiteboard pen this slim high-performance marker has dual bullet nibs, it can also be used on glass & porcelain surfaces, just remember these pens need to be stored horizontally when not in use. At one end is a 0.4mm polyacetal resin tip, the other is a thicker 1.0mm acrylic fibre. These pens have xylene-free ink which is low on odour & won’t expose you to any of the harmful effects sometimes associated with markers, so no fear of irritation to the eyes or skin or even worse in extreme cases where breathing or the internal organs are affected.

Artline say they have have been helping things flow better for around 50 years, maybe it was down to me but I couldn’t get the fine tip to flow too well at all! I didn’t have a whiteboard but tested on a tile, the 1.0mm tip was perfect & could be erased easily with a dry cloth, maybe I’d not replaced the lid properly on the 0.4 end, who knows.

Whilst browsing the net I came across stickers that turn your laptop into a whiteboard & a portable dry erase board, that’s a perfect fit for a laptop bag, the Artline 541T could be a good match as the tips are relatively small compared to some of the chisel tips or wider bullet tipped pens & they are available in 8 different snazzy colours. I’m not sure how many people use these portable boards over a good old fashioned pen & notebook but I guess they save on paper!

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