Zebra Sarasa SE Gel Rollerball Review

I make no secret of the fact I like gel pens, can’t really put my finger on why, although the great array of colours probably has a bearing on it. That said I have recently had a look at the Sarasa SE in black & was interested to note that I initially found the 0.7 nib a little scratchy, this contradicted a review I’ve written previously on the older version when I commented on the smooth writing experience. As I continued to write however this rollerball won me over & before long I realised there was nothing to complain about.

Zebra Sarasa Se Gel Pen Black

The Zebra Sarasa SE Gel Rollerball appeared in spring 2012 the only difference I can see is in the grip, clip & colours, it’s available in just 8 different shades against the 9 on offer by its cousin.

The new version has a shaped textured grip. The only way I can describe it is that it’s peppered with many rows of raised dots. So how does that compare to other textured grips I asked myself, after picking up a few different pens it was clear that the SE’s grip was favourable, lending it to a more controlled writing experience somehow.

The new style grip is metal, engraved with Zebra’s logo & did feel very sturdy. I got the impression it would stand the test of time & was interested to learn that apparently 50,000 consumers were surveyed & a strong metal clip was one of the components that made up the list for an ideal pen. Nice to know that manufacturers do listen to us consumers from time to time.

Apart from my early critiscm of the scratchy nib, the flow of Zebra’s black gel ink was always consistent & bold. No surprises there as Zebra is renowned for it’s high quality gel ink with archival & waterproof qualities.

The Zebra Sarasa Se has a medium point with a 0.7mm tip, it’s retractable, can be refilled with Zebra JF refills & is available in packs of 12. The grey translucent barrel provides a window for keeping check of the ink level, another item on the consumers wish list.

I did seek to find the bright fuchsia pink Sarasa I reviewed previously in order to make a comparison, the search proved fruitless, must have worn it out because I’m so partial to brightly coloured gels.

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