Zebra Marathon Gel Rollerball Review

The thought of running a marathon sends shivers down my spine. I used to sprint over 100 & 200 metres but 26 miles, that’s just unthinkable. It goes without saying that I have great admiration for the many that take part.

When I caught sight of the Zebra Marathon Gell Rollerball I wondered if it had been designed with endurance in mind, was it going to stand the test of time?

Zebra Marathon Gel Pen Black

Apparently the Marathon has 3 barrels which means that longevity is one of it’s benefits. The constant flow of ink through the 0.7mm tip was another & I get the impression this rollerball would go the extra mile.

On the minus side the grip section looks a little tacky, just my opinion you understand. It’s a little shorter than most & there are no patterns, grooves or raised parts that prevent your fingers from slipping, although it provides more resistance than those without any rubber.

The barrel is slightly wider than many others, interest is added with the 3 shades of grey mixed with a translucent section, handy for viewing the ink level. The word gel is written 5 times either side of this pens namesake with a little illustration of a runner beside it.

To cap it off the short shaped lid has a relatively sturdy pocket clip emblazoned with Zebra’s logo, the medium 0.7 nib size & all finished off with another small runner. The acid free archival quality ink is available in black, blue & red.

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