Zebra XA-07 Arrow Tip Pen Review

I have to say that rollerballs are the first pens I reach for, whether it be to write a short note or pen a letter. I like the way the ink flows & the bold line that most of them seem to lay down on the page. The Zebra XA-07 arrow tip is a rollerball with liquid ink & a 0.7mm tip, after writing a page of the non-creative blurb I wasn’t disappointed.

Zebra XA 07 Blue Rollerball Pens

The liquid ink is administered through a feed system. With minimal pressure, it produced a consistent flow of ink through the sturdy metal tip without skipping, blobbing or smudging. Apparently, gel inks shows up more clearly than other types because they are thicker, the dark blue text the Zebra XA 07 left on my page was definitely crystal clear.

In my opinion, visually this pens nothing special.  The plastic barrel has a transparent grip section just over an inch long which is peppered with tiny dots resembling pinpricks.  Whilst it was OK to hold I didn’t find it to be particularly soft to grip.  The remainder of the barrel is a glossy silver/bronzy colour that’s stamped with the nib size, logos along with a reminder to replace the cap to preserve the Zebra’s life.  There are also a couple of abstract looking squiggles presumably added for decoration, I would have preferred to see some Zebra stripes, like the ones on the Z Grip animals series.

The metallic cap identifies the ink colour & snaps onto the barrel with a firm click, the pocket clip is also emblazoned with the logo.  Available with a choice of black, blue & red ink the Zebra XA 07  is a relatively low-cost liquid ink pen & is not refillable.

I couldn’t put my finger on anything, in particular, that was wrong with the performance of the Zebra XA, it was light & comfortable to use & as I was more than happy with the performance, I just didn’t find the appearance anything special to write home about.

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  1. These are now my go to pens.
    I’ve been looking for a cheap likeable pen for a while and this is it!
    The pack of 10 I now have will last a while!


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