Zebra Z Grip Flight Review

I make no excuses that my pen of preference is generally a rollerball. As I’m a quick writer (or as my partner says “scribbler”) rollerballs just seem to glide across the page. Having been given a Z Grip Flight ballpoint to review I was pleasantly surprised by its performance & may just have found something to challenge my opinion.

Zebra Z Grip Flight BP Black

The Zebra Z Grip Flight was launched in 2013, it has what Zebra call an advanced ink. This is low viscosity which means the thin liquid ink flows easily. It lived up to expectations & I was able to write at speed without scratching or blobbing.

This pen has a rubberised grip with 2 panels of indented dots, colour coded with the ink, in this case red which prevent the fingers slipping. This is met by a glossy barrel in a mix of white & two tones of grey with a distinctive red semi oval type on either side. If left on a desk its likely to get a second look. The bright silver nose & pocket clip complete the look. Available in black, blue & red the Z flight has a 1.2mm tip that writes a 0.6mm line & is also retractable. On a negative note the button does have an annoying rattle when the pen is at work.

Should I need an eye catching airplane safe pen to take on my travels a Z grip Flight seems like an appropriate choice, I could also check out Zebra’s claim that writing soars!

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  1. I’m a pen snob and this is one of my absolute favorite pens! However, I usually DON’tT use them as sold. If you cut a slight bit off the end of the refill, it fits PERFECTLY in the all steel Zebra F-701 retractable ballpoint which is a perfect everyday carry pen.


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