10 Amazing Photos of Dogs Posing With Fountain Pens

I love browsing Reddit and one of my favorite places is /r/fountainpens  which is described by Reddit as “A community for fountain pen enthusiasts, from the novice to the collector.”

It is a great place to browse and you can share news and content or comment on other people’s posts. The latest craze is people posting pictures of their dogs posing with a fountain pen. What’s not to like everyone loves cute and cuddly pets and we are all fountain pen enthusiasts.

Here are 10 Amazing Photos of Dogs Posing with Fountain Pens Enjoy.

1. Dog Balancing Pink Crab Pen Holder & Fountain Pen on its Nose

Dog with Pink Crab PenHolder Fountain Pen on Nose

Image Credit U/2RZ Reddit

2RZ shared this great photo of his dog balancing a fountain pen on its nose. The pen is sat on a pink crab pen holder which got nearly as much attention as the dog.

A few people pointed out that he was living dangerously as the pen is unposted showing off its nib in all its glory and the dog is sat on a brick floor. Bent nibs urgh, the pen looks stunning and is a custom build for a customer. If you want to know more check out 2RZ’s website Loft Pens.

2. Dog Balancing a Franklin Christoph model 02 Fountain Pen on its Head

Dog Balancing Franklin Christoph Fountain Pen

Image Credit thawraboys Reddit

thawraboys shared his beloved Franklin Christoph model 02 Fountain Pen balanced on his dogs head. With a new Franklin costing around $175 there is someone putting his trust in man’s best friend.

If you’re not familiar with Franklin Christoph pens they are an American manufacturer of fine writing instruments based in Carolina.

3. Shi Tzu Puppy Sat Writing at a Desk with a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Dog Sat at Desk With Pen

Image Credit groovyasfukt  Reddit

groovyasfukt shared a photo of his gorgeous Shih Tzu puppy sat on his lap at his desk. On the desk is a notebook and the dog’s paw looks to be touching his Lamy safari fountain pen.  I have to admit that puppy can certainly write a lot neater than most folks it must be all in the paw action.

4. American Bulldog used as a Pilot Custom 823 Pen Rest

American Bulldog with Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen

Image Credit PlaneJuggernaut Reddit

PlaneJuggernaut has taught his American Bulldogs to sit still and act as a mobile pen rest. His dog’s flat head is perfect for resting his Pilot Custom 823 fountain pen on. It’s also a great way to stop anyone from stealing your pen after all who’s going to mess with an American Bully. Joking aside these dogs have an undeserved bad reputation as when properly socialized they are a fantastic pet that is great with kids.

5. Cockapoo Fluffy Fountain Pen Holder

Cockapoo Fluffy Fountain Pen Rest 2

Image Credit GuacamoleBay Reddit

GuacamoleBay has taught her Cockapoo dog to roll over and play dead just so she has the world’s fluffiest pen holder. Not sure about what type of pen it is but it looks to be some kind of demonstrator though.

6. Big Dog and Small Pen

Big Dog Small Pen

Image Credit Virtblue Reddit

Virtblue posted this photo of his dog having a snooze with a Moonman Wancai Mini fountain pen resting on it. That’s one big dog and a small pen. For those not familiar with the Moonman brand they are a relatively new Chinese manufacturer with a growing reputation for producing fountain pens that are better quality than other Chinese pen brands.

7. Red Pens on a Red Dog

Red Fountain Pens on Red Dog

Image Credit Kellyseamus Reddit

Kellyseamus tried playing hide and seek using their red setter dog to hide their red fountain pen collection. In case you are wondering what type of pens they are in the photo they list them as:

Platinum 3776 Koi

Sailor Kanreki

Pilot 742

8. Bribed Dog Pen Rest

Bribed Dog Pen Rest

Image Credit ale_krishna Reddit

ale_krishna decided that the best way to persuade her dog to be a pen rest was to bribe it with some ham. I wonder how that went will you be a good dog and roll over and be my pen rest? No how about if I give you some ham? How many slices? Two slices ok deal rolling now.

9. Golden Retriever with a Franklin Christoph 65 Pen

Image Credit Jesse_berger Reddit

Golden Retriever Franklin Cristoph 65 Pen Holder

Jesse_berger shared this great photo of a golden retriever looking decidedly unhappy at being a pen holder for a Franklin Christoph 65 fountain pen. Maybe it just wasn’t a franklin kind of dog?

10. Whippet Pen Rest

Whippet Dog Pen Rest

Last but not least this is my own dog lazing in the sun and I decided to use her as pen rest for one of my favorite pens a Pilot Vanishing Point. I will post it up on Reddit as well for others too see. Whippets are great pets they spend 90% of their time snoozing and lazing about. But when you take them down the park they are amazingly quick when they are running about.

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