Pilot Capless Fountain Pens – A Luxury Retractable Range

Pilot played a large part in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, to celebrate they released Capless Pens. With their retractable nibs Pilot Capless Fountain Pens had one of the most complex mechanisms that had ever been made. Through precision engineering & innovation the early Capless pens had a twist action retractable nib. The Pilot Capless Fountain Pen (AKA Vanishing Point in the US) has evolved & now operates using a push button that retracts the nib into the barrel, this closes an airtight seal which prevents the ink drying out as well as protecting the nib.

Pilot Capless FP GT Red


Pilot is renowned for innovation & quality, they manufacture products around the world honing technological expertise. Today Pilot Capless Fountain Pens are available in a variety of colours with either 18ct gold or a rhodium trim, a silvery white hard wearing metal that’s a member of the platinum group. They have 18ct gold nibs in a choice of fine, medium or broad, they are supplied with a converter or can be refilled using IC50 ink cartridges.

There are 3 exiting new colours in the original range

Pilot Capless Fountain Pen Black & White

Pilot Capless FP Black White

These pens have a white barrel & a smooth black satin trim. They have the same 18ct gold nib but it’s coated with black PVD. Short for Physical Vapor Deposition PVD is an environmentally friendly process that helps increase wear & resistance against corrosion.

Pilot Capless Fountain Pen Matt Black

Pilot Capless FP Matt Black

The shiny rhodium plated nib stands out against the matt black barrel & trim.

Pilot Capless Fountain Pen Chocolate With Rhodium Trim

Pilot Capless FP RT Brown

A glossy chocolate brown barrel with rhodium trim.

Pilot Capless Decimo Fountain Pen

Pilot Capless FP DC Blue

Another style is the Pilot Capless Decimo, this is a sleek stylish pen that is lighter & more slender than the original whilst keeping all the luxurious features. They are available in a choice of 8 colours all with rhodium trim. The 18kt gold nibs are available in fine medium & broad & are rhodium plated.

Pilot Capless Trend Fountain Pen

Pilot Capless FP TR Violet


The latest addition is the Pilot Capless Trend Fountain Pen. These pens have bright metallic barrels with black trim & PVD coated 18kt gold nibs. They are available in 5 brilliant colours & medium nibs.

These luxurious & unique pens are all supplied in luxury presentation boxes making them an ideal gift for any occasion. However, they are not practical if you need to take it with you so why not invest in a good quality pen case to look after your pen.


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