Uni-Ball Eye UB-185S Needlepoint Rollerball Pen – Review

The Uni Eye UB-185S is a liquid ink rollerball from one of the key players in the market. available with black, red, blue or green ink, I am using a green one & although the needle tip is finer than I would normally use I have been pleased with its performance whilst catching up with some overdue correspondence.
Uni Ball UB 185S Green
I still like to send handwritten letters, yes it can be more time consuming than firing off an email but I like the fact that I can pen a line or two anytime anywhere without being confined to sitting at a desk. I also find myself giving more thought to the content than I do when multi tasking at a keyboard, finding it hard to resist jumping from one screen to another.

The fine 0.5mm tip of the Uni-ball Eye UB-185S Needlepoint Rollerball writes a line width of 0.4mm, the pigment ink has all the benefits of Uni’s Super Ink

  • Water & Fade Resistant
  • Tamper Proof – once on the page ink can’t be removed
  • Quick drying as ink is low viscosity
  • Smooth fast fatigue free writing – due to unique ink delivery system

The pens barrel matches the ink colour, it is split into 4 sections, one is peppered with small dots another is transparent which enables you to keep a check on the ink level. The cap is solid green with a matt sprung chrome pocket clip with the length & flexibility to attach to a large notepad without breaking.

I found this to be an ideal everyday pen that was a pleasure to use.



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