A Review of the Writing and Marking Instruments Market

A reminder that here at The Pen Vibe, we take our pens and pencils seriously when we caught up with an outstanding piece of analysis from Global Industry Analysts Inc.

A considerable increase in the application of hi-tech communication, and data transfer technologies over the past few years as we have all seen – hands up who does not use email? Yet despite this the writing instrument market continues to be active, innovative and growing and despite the electronic threat is still part of the daily routine for both the child at school and the guy in the office.

Global writing Instruments Report 2015

Undoubtedly the market has been affected by the economic recession but following signs of a recovery last year, there are indications that moderate growth will be seen in coming years. The reason for this is twofold as manufacturers provide a greater variety of designs, models and sizes whilst re-launching their products to sustain an on-going dominance in the stationery market as well as having a greater awareness of environmental concerns. Some years ago, there were a number of negative aspects with inks that were toxic and the amount of pens being made with unsustainable  materials being thrown away. Now manufacturers such as Pilot with their Begreen range of recycled ink pens are more aware with pens being made with a high content of recyclable materials.

In terms of who sells most, the USA remains the single largest with Europe a close second. Asia-Pacific is however the fastest growing market with China in particular now gathering a major share of the global stationery market. Although earlier products made in China were of lower quality, but much higher quality is being seen. Indeed, Chinese manufacturers are likely to take up the challenge of making high quality, innovative products, as greater emphasis being placed on product and design diversification through R&D

In the pens and markers category, it should come as no surprise that the trust ballpoint pen remains the largest as well as fastest growing product and mechanical pencils being the fastest growing product category.

The research report titled “Writing and Marking Instruments: A Global Strategic Business Report” provides a comprehensive review of the writing and marking instruments markets and in our humble opinion is required reading for anybody who wants confirmation that pens and pencils are not going away!

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