Buy A Violet Pentel EnerGel, Donate 5 Cents To Pancreatic Cancer Research

Pentel has been supporting various cancer campaigns for several years, starting with breast cancer in 2006. Now, the pen company is getting involved with pancreatic cancer research, too.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. The color of the campaign is purple. So, naturally, Pentel has offered up its violet Pentel EnerGel pens to help raise funds for the cause.

Pentel Prostate cancer Pen

For each pack or box of a dozen sold in the US, Pentel is donating US$.05 to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. The company is also donating pens to the group for use during training and other events.

The violet EnerGels join Pentel’s range of pink pens that help raise money for breast cancer research and blue and white EnerGels that go toward prostate cancer support.

Pancreatic cancer is a particularly scary incarnation of the illness, with Pentel reporting on its blog that:

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest five-year survival rate of all major cancers at just 6 percent, while seventy-three percent of patients die in the first year of diagnosis.  Pancreatic cancer is a leading cause of cancer death because there are currently no detection tools to diagnose the disease in its early stages.

So, if you’d like to pick up some great gel pens and give a little to help improve the odds of survival, look for the specially marked packages of violet Pentel EnerGel pens at US retailers.

(If you’re in the UK, you can help too by giving directly to Pancreatic Cancer UK.)

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