Artline T-Shirt Marker 2.0 mm – User Guide

Artline T Shirt Markers

Looking for something to do with the kids on a miserable wet day? What about designing a T-Shirt.

If you reach out and grab an Artline T-Shirt Marker, you could while away a couple of hours. They have 2mm polyester fiber bullet tips tightly covered with a handy airtight cap that can be posted on the end of the barrel when in use.  As you would expect the pigment ink is waterproof & can be washed at 60 degrees C (as long as the ink has been fixed), it’s also fadeproof.

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How Do You Pick The Best Pen?

Uni Jetstream Pens

Recently, some of the most-respected voices in the online pen community were asked by The Wirecutter to choose what they consider the best pen.

(It’s a very comprehensive piece and quite worth reading, if you haven’t already.)

Brad, from The Pen Addict; Brian, from OfficeSupplyGeek; Elizabeth, from No Pen Intended; and Azizah, from Gourmet Pens, all reached the same conclusion: that the Uniball Jetstream is the best pen.

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