Pilot G2 XS Pixie Mini Gel Ink Pen – Review

Plenty has been written about Pilot’s popular G2, famous the world over for its smooth writing gel ink.

As I picked up a mini version in the Pilot G2 XS Pixie I was impressed to see that this little pen had the same comfy ergonomic grip section with the same barrel diameter as the standard Pilot G2 07 version although the barrel is only 11.3cm in length & it weighs in at 118g.Pilot G2 XS Pixie Violet

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This retractable compact rollerball has a 0.7mm tip writes a 0.39mm line & has a positive push button with no annoying rattles, the sturdy pocket clip is the same as the full-size pen.

Available in a choice of 8 colors Pilot claim “you will be delighted by the fluidity of its ink and the intensity of its colors” sadly this wasn’t my initial experience. I have to say I was a little disappointed with the performance of the little violet Pixie.

When putting pen to paper the ink didn’t flow, neither did the tungsten carbide ball glide across the page. Unfortunately, rather than help me put the thoughts in my head down, I was distracted by the appearance of the text on the page finding it scratchy, skippy & messy.

Thinking about it & to provide a fair critique I suppose I do tend to scribble notes when preparing to review a pen & after completing my written review the page didn’t look too bad.

This is the type of pen I’d use if I had a small purse, bag or pocket space only, it would be fine for jotting a few notes whilst on the go but writing a manuscript would be out of the question. or even writing on a potato, like this guy did.

You can also see what Tony thought when he reviewed the Pilot G2 Pixie.

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