Pilot SnapClick Retractable Ballpoint Pen Review

Some may argue you’ve seen one ballpoint you’ve seen them all but Pilot have tried to ring the changes with the SnapClick.

The body of the Pilot SnapClick Retractable Ballpoint Pen has a comfy rubberised grip that is met by a transparent section exposing the springed section that operates the retractable nib. This see through window also reveals the ink level, a nice little feature to have if running out of ink will spoil your day.

Pilot Snap Click BP Blue

What is less common about this ballpoint is not the protracting nib which operates by pressing the button that is bog standard, the difference comes in to play when you want the nib to retract, by pushing on the top of the pocket clip. The design of the SnapClick is a little unusual, but does it add anything to the pen? I’ll leave that to you to decide.

I do think that it must be difficult for designers sometimes, always having to come up with something new to please appease the good old consumers, but then there are worst things to do for a living & someones gotta do it.

The SnapClick is refillable with Pilots RFGPM refills which are a little longer than average & the medium nib writes a 0.31mm line. The choice of 6 oil based ink colours is also better than the norm offering a nice orange & light blue turquoisey shade. Pilot say that oil based ink usually lasts 3 years as opposed to some other types lasting 2 on average, not that I’ve ever used a pen for more than a few months but there you go, that’s just me. The pocket clip/button also releases the nib when attached to your pocket or notepad & can be clipped on thicker than average pads or clothing. So a few differences there to be fair.

As for the writing experience, its a ballpoint, nothing wrong with that it did what was required & landed a bunch of text on the page. The grip was comfy & non slip but as far as looks go the Pilot Snapclick doesn’t get my vote.

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