A Review of the Zebra Ola Ballpoint Pen

I often wonder how Companies come up with the names for pens. Setting about writing a Zebra Ola review I discovered that Ola means wave in Spanish. Stretching the imagination maybe you could visualise “water waves” cut into the barrel, if not there is a hint in the symbol next to the branding on the pocket clip.

Zebra Ola BP Blue

The Zebra Ola Ballpoint medium retractable ballpoint has a 1.0mm nib & is available in blue, red, green, black & violet all have colour coded barrels.

I have a blue one, the body has smokey grey shaped sections that are cut into a blue rubberised barrel, the end cap & clip are plain without a coating.

This is not the best looking pen I’ve seen, it gives the impression of being at the lower price range, but to be fair it is reasonably priced considering

  • It performs reasonably well – once it gets started. I found the Ola needed a few circles scribbled on the page to warm it up, reminding me of the infamous yellow Bic of days gone by & is not something I’ve come across for ages in ballpoints.
  • There are plenty of places to view the ink level throughtwo oval shaped windows close to the tip & the chevron shaped windows below the clip.
  • The grip is comfortable, possibly helped by the fact its integrated into the moulded barrel covering, allowing your fingers to rest naturally without any ridges.

Fans of ballpoints may be interested to note the Zebra Ola can be purchased individually, in packs of 12 or assorted packs containing all 5 colours.

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