Stabilo Worker Colourful Rollerball Review

When I read that Stabilo had a pen that could improve my writing skills I took note. Despite spending many hours hitting the keyboard I still frequently end up with a pen in hand. The longer I write for the more untidy the text gets, with that in mind I put the Stabilo Worker Colourful Rollerball to the test.

Stabilo Worker Colorful Blue

I chose to use a green worker, this was in colour only as this Stabilo doesn’t appear to have any green credentials on the environmental front. It was also noted that although I’ve seen the earlier (original) orange model referred to as being ergonomic I couldn’t find a mention of the same for this updated edition. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough as I happened to have an orange version close by & on inspection couldn’t see any difference.

This rollerball has a completely non slip barrel, a bit like a full length grip that means it is very comfortable to work with. The medium ball writes a 0.5mm line & partnered with Stabilo’s progressive liquid ink technology this worker delivers a smooth writing experience all day long.

The cap on these rollerballs is short & stubby with a wider than average sturdy yet stylish metal pocket clip that has pride of place. The colourful barrels have a number of white accents in the form of 3 circles, nib housing, end cap along with a central panel housing the branding.

These pens are available with red, green, black & blue barrels, all have matching ink. The tag line promising that one “brightens up a dull day” is apt, this green worker has earned a space on my desk for sure.

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