The 24K Gold Pencil a Great Gift or a Designers Folly

Daisung Kim a Korean designer has introduced to the world his 24K gold pencils. The pencils are a standard graphite core wooden pencil covered in 99% pure gold and stamped with the lettering 24K Gold Pencil.

24k Gold Pencil 1

With gold prices currently at an all time high is this inspiration from Daisung Kim bringing out the pen at this time? City bankers are getting large bonuses again perhaps they are the ideal present for the bankers and brokers to give each other to help them celebrate bringing us all out of the recession!  Or maybe Hollywood celebrities would like to have a 24K pencil on their writing desk to show off to their family and friends.

24 k gold pencil 2
If you were given a 24K gold pencil would you actually use it or more to the point could you afford too? Is it something that you would just use as an ornament to adorn your desk? If you were to use it could you save the shavings and sell them after all lots of places advertise “we buy your unwanted gold”.

24 k gold pencil 3

So what do you think is the 24K gold pencil a fantastic gift idea and would you like to receive one as a present? On the other hand has Daisung Kim produced the first and possibly greatest white elephant of 2010? We would love to know your thoughts.

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