The New Pilot Frixion Point has a 0.5mm tip & writes 40% more

Pilot Pens UK has just announced the latest addition to its best selling Pilot FriXion Range of erasable pens the Pilot FriXion Point.

The new Pilot FriXion Point combines several innovative technologies, which allows writing to be erased cleanly and over-written immediately with the same pen.

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Its patented Hitecpoint extra fine 0.5mm tip writes a line approximately 0.35mm wide. This gives an increase of 40% more writing compared to the standard Pilot FriXion Ballpen or the Pilot Frixion Clicker.

The pen writes with smooth skip-free writing that erases cleanly by friction, leaving no debris by using the unique, durable end stud.

Slimmer than a standard FriXion pen and shorter by around 7mm the FriXion Point has a new stylish look including neon caps with colored end studs that depict the ink color. It is available in 7 ink colors which are black, blue, red, green, light blue, violet & pink.

With its thinner line width the Pilot Frixion Point erases more easily than the FriXion Ball. This makes it perfect for diaries, marking, Sudoku, and many other everyday applications. 

Both the FriXion Ball and the FriXion point are refillable.

As the Pilot advertising says “mistakes disappear as if by magic!”

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