The new Uni-ball Jetstream SX-101 ballpoint pen


I recently tried the new Jetstream SX-101 ballpoint pen from Uni-ball and have to say that for an entry level pen, this really presses all the right buttons for me.

Introduced in September 2010, the pen has deservedly won some industry accolades including the New Product: Traditional Stationery award at December’s Everything for the Office Show in December where over 800 dealers, manufacturers, suppliers and industry professionals met to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in the office stationery products market.

Uni jetstream SX101

To the pen itself and one sees a classic stick style ballpoint pen, very simple and very clean lines to it’s profile. A very comfortable feel when in the hand helped by the rubber grip not usually incorporated in a pen of this value. The pen combines the best of a ballpoint pen but enhanced with the smoothness of a gel pen to produce a really good writing appearance, the 1.0mm tip producing a fine 0.45 line. One can only think that this is in part due to the use of Uni-ball’s Super Ink. The ink is becoming more and more renowned not only for it’s smoothness but that it is water resistant , tamper proof and quick drying so less smudging.

This is the sort of pen where one keeps a number of the 3 available colours close by in a pot for the ‘grab and run’ everyday use writing instrument and at the low price at which it is available  there is no excuse for not doing so. It is good to see that even in the current economic conditions we are seeing a manufacturer producing a quality instrument at a value price and I can see many stationery buyers for larger organisations snapping up the pens for their office staff. Comfortable, smooth writing and, good looking. You cannot ask for anything more from a good value pen.

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  1. Thanks Adrian

    I am glad that you like the website the Pilot V Ball is a very good pen indeed. We can’t always deliver next day, but we do work very hard to try and get the orders out as quickly as possible.

  2. hi, just like to say how much I like your website very informative and easy to use and although I’ve not tried the above pens I did make a purchase from yourselves recently for some Pilot V Ball pens which I have found to be excellent & the delivery was fast, next day in fact so I shall be a future customer many thanks Adrian Durbeyfield.

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